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Message1. retrieve data with CGI
Posted by: 2003-01-11 17:48:40
Hi everybody.
I'm trying to make a CGI application to be used in a local Intranet, with fixed IP. I would like to spare my beloved users the need to have another username/password to remember (or to forget...).
The perfect solution (for me) would look like this: the browser sends the server the username taken from the client PC (in the form of a DOS environment variable, which is set by the Lan system when they log in). Someone told me that this cannot be done by the browser itself, so maybe it should be a server-side operation. My CGI application should be able to detect what's the calling machine (I guess through its IP) and to retrieve the environment variable from it.
I think this is not different from what Microsoft does when you connect to Microsoft Update, so it shouldn't be impossible (though I don't think they use RapidQ.. or do they?).
Is this tricky enough?
Thanks in advance.

Message2. Why not PHP?
Posted by: guidance 2003-01-12 18:13:30
Because PHP is much powerful than RQ for CGI, and it's very easy to learn if you have C background. Or, you can try ASP with VBS.
PHP+Apache+Mysql works quite well even under Windows.
PHP has session/cookie built-in functions to handle your issue. Also plent of Apache variables including server and client identification etc.
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