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Message1. 394 Errors in Dev-C++
Posted by: 2003-06-04 01:02:11
Hi.  Dev-C++ and WxWindows installed perfectly under Windows 2000 using the tips at , but failed to install on the (good) computer I use that has Windows 98.  The Devpack installed fine, but then when I tried to compile a project, I ended up with 394 errors.  Has anyone ever faced this before?  Does anyone have a solution?  Does anyone have precompiled WxWindows libraries for windows98 that they can mail to me on a burned CD-ROM?  If you have an envelope that's big enough, you can send it like a letter for 37 cents.  I'll pay $5 via paypal if it works.

Thanks in advance.
Message2. Re: 394 Errors in Dev-C++
Posted by: 2003-06-04 14:10:01
Normally this comes from missing defines, a faulty setup.h or simply because you are using a dev-pack for 3.2 using it with 2.95. Try recompiling wxWindows on your own, either using the instructions on the wxWindows homepage, the install.txt coming with wxWindows, or try my little tut at
All I can say is that once compiled, the libs worked fine for me on both XP and 98SE.

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