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Message1. drag-select in wxwindows (C++)
Posted by: 2003-07-08 00:14:27
Does anyone know the steps to be able to make a drag-select operation like in paint (and then be able to crop a portion of an image) with c++?
Message2. Re: drag-select in wxwindows (C++)
Posted by: 2003-07-09 17:41:40
Hi there!
Although I'm not really sure what exactly you would like to do, I remember there are some examples dealing with Drag&Drop and Images. In the contrib folder there was something dealing with drawing simple 2d arts that had a resizeable frame...

For croping and resizing of Images, have a look at wxImage :)

Message3. Re: drag-select in wxwindows (C++)
Posted by: 2003-07-09 19:55:05
Thanks, I'll be looking into it more, but it wasn't a dnd type problem; it's pressing left button down, dragging mouse, drawing rectangle from original left-press to current mouse location, and then realizing what's inside that rectangle afterwards (a drag-select operation not dealing with text).  But there's the issue of erasing the rectangle and redrawing it (without flickering).  If the operation is being done over painted lines or images, how would i repaint that area where the rectangle was supposed to have been erased?  Yea, I guess it's all about browsing that documentation, but if anyone has any ideas...  Thanks.

(I guess my favorite all time form of documentation is sun's job on java.)

Message4. Re: drag-select in wxwindows (C++)
Posted by: 2003-07-10 01:00:33
Actually, I found part of the effect I want in <wxroot>bindialoged.exe...
Anyone at least know where the source code for this is?

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