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Message1. wxBase and Dev-C++
Posted by: 2003-08-04 10:30:15
Does anyone have a how to on setting up Dev-C++
for use with wxBase.

Installed everything following the instructions per
   "DevPak setup using Dev-C++ 5"

I would like to write a Win Service / Linux daemon.
and would like to get the console sample app to compile.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Message2. Re: wxBase and Dev-C++
Posted by: guidance 2003-08-05 12:01:06
Could you compile wxBase in Dev-C++?
Message3. Re: wxBase and Dev-C++
Posted by: 2003-08-05 21:51:58
I've got to say that I have the same problem.  I create the sample application, compile, and I get a host of compiler errors from the wx files.  This is frustrating, because wxWin looks like a great GUI package, but I can't use it if I can't make it compile.

I get two errors.  The first complains about a redeclaration of builtin type bool, and the second says that I need to define case-insensitive comparisons for my compiler.  I'm assuming that there's just a problem with my configuration, because I can't imagine that the designers really want me to declare my own operator==(string&,string&) for each program. If they did, it seems like they would have done it themselves.
Message4. Re: wxBase and Dev-C++
Posted by: guidance 2003-08-05 22:05:40
1) If you included windows.h, try to add winundef.h after that.
2) Try these options:
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