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Message1. Mouse events
Posted by: 2003-08-11 22:09:21
Hi there!
I am currently trying to catch the mouse events in my application but I do not catch anything except the EVT_MOUSEWHEEL event. Is it normal?
I have: EVT_MOUSE_EVENTS (FrameMonitor::OnMouseEvent) in the events table macro for my frame and I just display a dialog box in the function for the moment, but I never see this dialog box (except for the wheel event as I said).
Is it not implemented yet or am I doing something wrong?
THanks for any help...
Message2. Re: Mouse events
Posted by: 2003-08-11 22:32:54
In fact I start thinking that the frame can not catch these events but a canvas could do it, true or not?
If yes, how can I detect that the user is dragging the window, because that is the thing I want to do.
I am sure it has been done a million times... ;)
Message3. Re: Mouse events
Posted by: guidance 2003-08-12 07:16:05
Try wxDropSource::GiveFeedback() ?
Message4. Re: Mouse events
Posted by: 2003-08-12 17:14:25
Thanks. I tried but it is not easy to use. I think it is more for drag and drop of text isn't it?
I thought there would be something simple provided to detect the dragging of the window.
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