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Message1. wxWindows for game interface, good idea?
Posted by: 2003-08-21 03:20:14
I am creating a arcade/puzzle type game using SDL and OpenGL api's for graphics. for sound i haven't really decided between OpenAL and FMOD (i like OpenAL's syntax better but heard new version is being developed). uinsg Dev-C++ as my IDE (learned c++ on this thing, love it, except the lack of a powerful debugger)

I wrote a very basic gui for my game (just buttons for now ) but i want to make a complete gui for the game (buttons, checkboxes, textfield, captiontext, radio buttons and maybe even dropdowns). as of right now i'm looking around gui libraries that are small, simple and customizable enough for me to use (being a game gui i'm gonna be using my own graphics for buttons background, etc).

so my question is, do i:
1. write my own gui library?
2. wxWindows?
3. Qt?  (but its too big for me)
4. Fltk? (another big one)
5. libUFO (there isn't a stable realease yet)
6. any other that u would recommend looking into?

Message2. Re: wxWindows for game interface, good idea?
Posted by: 2003-08-22 00:13:52
Hmmm.... Good question.
Don't use Qt, too big, too sick, too much you'd pay :)
wxWindows supports OpenGL panels and it works really fine. Not sure if it would be good for a big game, but for small ones it should be ok.

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