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Message1. Tooltips and stuff
Posted by: lea 2003-11-19 07:26:45

I tried to use tooltips, but it failed.
When i type something like wxToolTip tip("MyTip"), the Compiler says "aggregate `wxToolTip tip' has incomplete type and cannot be
What does that mean?
Currently, i am using  Dev-Cpp 5 beta with the wxWindows 2.4.0 package,
Compiler: g++ 3.2.

By the way, anyone noticed that?
When you are using winXp-theme and change the colour of a button, the buttons theme  falls back to win95-theme, very ugly.

Another winXp-theme-problem:
A winxp-button is painted as a rect with round edges.
How can i change the colour at the area of the button left by the round rect?
Is is just to change to the colour of the parent, otherwise you have a round rect(the button) with white non-round edges(button + its canvas).
Got what i mean?

Message2. Re: Tooltips and stuff
Posted by: guidance 2003-11-19 09:05:54
For tooltip problem, you may forget to include the header file.
Message3. Re: Tooltips and stuff
Posted by: lea 2003-11-19 09:58:51
Thanks, worked!

The other issues seem to be known, it was in the log file for ver. 2.4.0, they said it will be fixed soon.
I got know 2.4.2, but it isn't fixed.
Ok, it is freeware...

Message4. Re: Tooltips and stuff
Posted by: upCASE 2003-11-19 16:03:17
Freeware? Even better: It's open source! So, you can have a look at the sources and fix it for them :)

BTW: I just read the wx roadmap. It says that version 3.0 is scheduled for 15/12/2003. Can anybody on the wx list confirm that?

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