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Message1. pop3 ftp
Posted by: 2004-01-23 19:05:49
i want so send emails and transfer files (ftp) via wxwindows-application - are there any code examples available? where can i find 'em?

thanks for help!

Message2. Re: pop3 ftp
Posted by: upCASE 2004-01-23 21:42:58
For wxFTP have a look at the API, there is a short example code snippet.
As for sending email I'm not sure wether this has been properly implemented or not, but I found some resources in mailing list discussions.
1. In the contrib dir there should be a lib called NET. This should implement wxEmail. Have a look at it. I'm not sure if it's there and if it works...
2. Check out and go to his "wino" page. This one looks promissing...
3. There's the Mahogany project at sourceforge, started by some guys from the wxWindows mailing list. They are implementing a free mail client. Maybe the have some sources or hints to help you.

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Message3. Re: pop3 ftp
Posted by: 2004-01-26 19:51:30
thank you for helping - i'll try to find a solution for my project there.
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