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Message1. compiling wxWidgets?
Posted by: hailang_82 2004-08-22 00:50:56
Can anyone give me some instructions on how to compile wxWidgets with Dev C++??
I am trying to compile wxWidgets 2.5.2 after changing the settings of the setup.h .

I did try to go through the instructions of install.txt but the instructions concerning Dev C++ and wiWidgets are too vague.

For example,

-if you are compiling with GCC 3.x using makefiles and with wxUSE_STI==1 you need to manually add -DNO_GCC_PRAGMA to CXXFLAGS in config.gcc.

so where am i suppose to find the file containing the variable, wxUSE_STL?

I need all the instructions to compile the library. I am currently using Dev 4.9.9. mingw 3.3.1 and wxWidgets 2.5.2

Can anyone help?

Message2. Re: compiling wxWidgets?
Posted by: upCASE 2004-08-25 19:26:20
"so where am i suppose to find the file containing the variable, wxUSE_STL?"
Check WXDIR/include/msw/setup.h.
The rest is explained straight forward in install.txt for 2.5.2. Go to WXDIR/build/msw and use "make" with the correct makefile for your compiler and use the correct options you want.

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Message3. Re: compiling wxWidgets?
Posted by: hailang_82 2004-08-26 09:56:00
For unknown reasons, I can't find the variable, wsUSE_STL in the setup.h. Think i corrupt the files of Dev C++. I manage to compile successfully after reinstalling the program in another directory. thanks

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