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Message1. pleeeaase !!! dll prob !
Posted by: 2002-09-30 22:41:42
trying to use a dll (rc4.dll)

ive always the same msg, my code seems ok

'can't find function func_name'

??? why ?!

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Reply  Re: dll prob - cant find function ...
Use an utility to check all the functions it contains, this "ADllExports.exe" is one:

Reply  grr
 ALways the same prob ...
and i've found another dll with the same prob !

functions in the dll are :


the dll seems for VB5
but impossible to use the func. in the documentations !

here is the url if u can try and help me !

thx a lot !!

Message2. capitalization?
Posted by: guidance 2002-10-01 08:15:06
If your problem is only "can't find the function", do you confirmed the function name including their capitalizatin? They must be exactly same with which specified in Alias.

Normally, the dll calling problem in RQ is the string parameter passing. There're some general examples in this site to demo this (or check the RQ doc). However, still not all dlls RQ can handle :(
Message3. Re: capitalization?
Posted by: 2002-10-01 21:49:37
cap is ok
string too ... the prob is in the dll, it's for VB5 and i cant find functions , described in the doc, in the dll ... !

just look what i wrote, only 4 function sin the dll !! and same things for all dll for vb5 !!

grrrr  (look at rapidq forum in my msg) for the url of this dll
Message4. dll viewer
Posted by: guidance 2002-10-01 22:51:13
I can't understand your meanings well :( , my English ... ?

Have you confirmed all functions in the dll by a dll viewer? (windows quickview or other utilities, such as this one: )

I checked that link, seems no problem. You mean it works in VB5?

In general, a Win32 DLL interfaces with C, neither VB nor other language protocols. When VB calls DLL, the VBVM will convert VB format parameters to C format transparently. RQ can do this almost same with VB.
Message5. about lib of rapidq
Posted by: 2004-09-16 09:14:06
The lib of rapidq has virus,you explain that it isn't virus ,and I remember
you had other version lib of rapidq which hasn't virus ,would you email it
to me ? thanks a lot.

Message6. Re: pleeeaase !!! dll prob !
Posted by: JohnK 2004-09-20 05:38:07
Make sure the DLL is NOT an ActiveX component or not a COM interface. These are DLLs that require a very different way to make calls.

If it is an ActiveX component or not a COM interface, You can't use
DECLARE SUB xxxx ALIAS "xxx" ... etc.

Search this site on DirectX_Dev to see how COM interface is done. It may be impossible to use VB code in RapidQ for some COM interfaces.
I'm basic too
Message7. Re: pleeeaase !!! dll prob !
Posted by: erdemaal 2004-10-24 02:50:00

I Upload on this site QRC4Asm.Zip an ASM Tools written in Assembler for rapidq using RQASM. It can encrypt 25 megabytes per second on my Athlon 2000.

There is a DOC and examples. It requires NO DLL.


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