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Message1. PRINTER's PIXEL -> inches
Posted by: 2004-12-28 02:53:19
I can't find this documented anywhere, but printer.textout(x%,y%,s$,fc%,bc%) says that the x% and y% are in "pixels".  I want to place the text 1 inch into and 1.5 inches down from the top of the page. How do I convert from "inches" to "pixels". Will the conversion factor be the same for any printer, or do I need to somehow figure out the specific factor for whatever printer my client may have or may get in the future?

A second question, I have a form that the user has filled out. I want to place a button on the form, and have the image of the form, i.e. all the borders and labels and content of the edit boxes, etc, sent to the printer. Is there an easy way to do that?


Message2. Re: PRINTER's PIXEL -> inches
Posted by: boltex 2004-12-28 14:35:45
It's not the same from printer to printer. I think some value can be returned by windows that could be used as a "scale" factor to get some good results.

When developping printing applications i found useful to install the full acrobat PDF "maker" and use that as the "default printer" to save a LOT OF PAPER & INK while debugging ;)


oh, btw, johnK rocks! did you guys had time to checkout those bew include files?

P.S. I am coding a printing program these days & I might find some answers, I'll tell you if i find anything worth it!
Message3. Re: PRINTER's PIXEL -> inches
Posted by: 2004-12-28 23:41:32
Thanks boltex.
For testing, I have used cutepdf, which generates a PDF file from the print output. But I have noticed that its output tended to be laid out differently than the couple of real printers I have to work with.

At least from you answer, I see I am not missing something obvious. I guess I just need to figure out the magic google keywords to research the topic. (i.e. eliminate helpful sites that tell you how to turn on the power switch on a printer :)

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