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Message1. linking and includes, beginners question
Posted by: 2005-11-24 02:35:11

just getting started with wxwidgets, and wanted to see if i can get some info on the basic libraries and includes that are needed to compile simple programs.  the sample programs link in many libraries, and i can't believe all those are necessary for simple programs.

where is a good place to start?  i know that as you add functionality, new libraries have to come in, but i would assume that there is a core, or a few core libraries, that cover a lot of ground?


Message2. Re: linking and includes, beginners question
Posted by: guidance 2005-11-24 13:59:22
Try add/remove libraries in bakefile:
Message3. Re: linking and includes, beginners question
Posted by: 2005-12-11 01:51:37
Dont worry you are in good way,the wx is like Microsoft Foundation Classes and fot that Bill Gates,make Visual Basic Microsoft Windons not easy for write C++ programs,program in C++ more esa in Microsoft C++ because Microsoft have tools for write the proyects wxDevCpp have bad way to write MDI proyects.-
You a long time have more experience in C++-
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