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'DEMO source file

'Week organizer events
# Weeks
<date> ## Hello !<^p><^p>Welcome to your new Organizer ## 1 2 07:00 10:00 ## data\carnet.ico
<date> ## I consist of 4 modules :<^p><^p>- Week Organizer (this page)<^p>- Contact Book<^p>- List Manager<^p>- Shortcuts<^p><^p>You can navigate from one page to another with the tabs above. ## 1.16 3.4 10:30 14:30 ##
<date> ## On the Week Organizer page,<^p><^p>draw rectangles for your appointments and events<^p><^p>Drag the mouse to draw<^p>(or try a single click) ## 1.17 2.3 15:00 18:00 ##
<date> ## This is my first week with my new Organizer ! ## 1.43 5.7 20:00 21:00 ##
<date> ## You can add an icon to an event by choosing 'Add Icon' in the Edit menu.<^p><^p>(or hit ctrl+i) ## 2.7 4 15:15 18:00 ##
<date> ##    To move to another date,<^p>you can also invoke the calendar by pressing the calendar button (topleft) ## 4.8 5.8 11:30 13:30 ##
<date> ##   Move to next/previous week with the arrow buttons above, or with the Pageup/Pagedown keys<^p><^p><^p>(or with the mousewheel when no event is selected) ## 4.8 5.8 07:30 11:00 ##
<date> ## you can print this week + the next one by choosing 'Print' in the File menu<^p><^p>(or by hitting ctrl+p) ## 4.2 5.7 15:15 18:00 ##

# contact fields

'Contact Book Field Definitions
'1 - Field declarations
' Declare 1 field per line. Syntax: type of field<TAB>field name
' Type of field can be:
'      field = simple text field
'      multiX = multiline text, where X is the number of lines (1 to 9) ex: multi3
'      combo = multiple choice list

field    Name
field    First Name
field    Company
field    Title
field    Phone 1
field    Phone 2
field    Phone 3
field    Fax
multi3    Address
field    Email
field    Email 2
multi3    Notes
combo    Category
'you can rename the fields, add more or change their order
'(provided there is room enough on screen to show them)

'2 - Summary definition
'Define which fields make the record summary = the form in which
'records appear in the record list.
'Syntax: summary<TAB>text
'where text is a string containing whatever text you want and field names preceded by $

Summary    $Name $first name ($company)
' you can also try this: Summary    $first name $name ($category)
'or whatever combination you want.

'3 - Combo box values and filter presets
'     Combo box values
'Define the values of the combo box fields
'Each line has the syntax: Combo<TAB>Value,
'where Combo is the name of a declared combo box, and Value a string.
'Those values are updated every time you use the organizer, to keep
'track of the categories you add/delete.
'     Filter presets
'The first combo box field has special importance: it is used as a filter.
'A duplicate of this box appears in the bottom left of the window.
'Selecting/unselecting the categories in this box let records of those
'categories appear or not.
'Here you can define which categories will be visible at startup.
'Syntax: Filter<TAB>Value,
'where Value is a value defined above (section 3).

'And what about records that don't belong to a predefined category?
'Well, they appear if you specify (Other categories) as value.
'Filter presets are actualized every time you use the organizer,
'according to which categories are on screen on exiting the program.

Category    Work
Category    Personal
Category    Old
Category    Loved ones

Filter    Work
Filter    Personal
Filter    Loved Ones
Filter    (Other categories)
Filter    [[def]]    5

'------ end of contact field definitions

'Contacts: tab-delimited text file
# Contact Book

CONTACT    Book    this is it!                   ----- Store your contacts here.<^p>    A nice feature is the Find field (top left). Just type in text and the left-hand list updates with all records containing this text.             This way, any record is within a few keypresses' reach.   
EMAIL, HTTP,    even PHONE DIAL    I do that, too!             (555) 123-4567          Select a field containing an email address, choose 'Use' in the Edit menu and bingo, it opens.  If the field contains a url, it opens with Explorer. If it contains a phone number, the touchtone sounds are emitted (try it!).                
POWER USERS:    configure me    to your wishes                   You can customize the types, captions and order of these data fields by editing the 'address fields.txt' file. (explanation included inside that file).          PRINTING: At this point, there is no contact printing feature. I suggest opening the data file 'Contacts.txt' (tab-delimited text file) with a spreadsheet program and do the formatting and printing there.   

'file is in the Rapidq treeview.savetofile format.
# Notes
<Notes    Keep your notes here!<^p><^p>If you like this Organizer, just email me :<^p><^p><^p><^p>Your own additions and improvements to the program are welcomed.<^p>Many thanks for the RapidQ and Guidance websites for their advice and samples.<^p><^p>This software is freeware for all non-commercial use.<^p><^p>No guarantee whatsoever is associated with it.<^p>----------<^p><^p>To discover the next feature of the Organizer, move to the next tab (Shortcuts)<^p>Instructions: drag and drop files onto the panel. Shortcuts are created and kept there.<^p><^p>-----------<^p><^p>Now a few tricks:<^p>- you can jump between tabs by pressing ctrl+tab<^p>- pressing escape reduces the window to an icon on the system tray.<^p>- clicking this icon restores the window.<^p>- the -m command line option on startup ("Carnet.exe -m") also reduces the program to the system tray.<^p>- Utilisateur français - French user? : ajoute '$define FRANCAIS' au début du code source et le programme se compile en français!<^p><^p>---------
   ]to dos   

# Links
data\contact book.txt

# Projects
'    Number of projects:
'    Project n°0 : Sample Project
Sample Project
'start date
'time unit
'nb of time units displayed
'nb of tasks
'tasks :
2    0    2.5
2    2.5    2.5
3    2.5    4
6    0    2
8    2    4.25
11    0    1.5
12    0    1.5
13    1    16.25
14    0.25    0.25
'nb of lines
'lines :
   This is the Project Manager<^p>    <^p>    Draw tasks in the right area --><^p>    <^p>    <^p>    If a task cannot start before<^p>    another is finished:<^p>    link the 2 tasks by pressing ctrl<^p>      and dragging from child<^p>      task to parent task.<^p>    <^p>100%    Finished tasks appear green<^p>yes    <^p>    Ongoing tasks appear blue<^p>    Late tasks appear red<^p>    <^p>    You can insert, copy, paste<^p>      rows. Select a row by<^p>      clicking the grey column on<^p>      the left<^p>    <^p>    Enjoy !<^p>    <^p>    <^p>    <^p>    <^p>    <^p>   
'nb of links
'links :
0003    0004

# options

'default windowsize (as percentage of screen)


'USE function
'Keyword for special function


'show weekends
'nb of hours in day
'first hour of the day
'nb of subdivisions of an hour (normally 4 for quarters)

'Single click in week panel creates a new (1 day x 1 hour) event:

'phone prefix before dialling numbers

'-- Address book printing options
'you should try and adjust these parameters to your printer's characteristics.

'nb of lines for each record

' Printer offset correction
'printerHoffsetcorrection : amount in centimeters by which to shift printout to the right
'  in order to center output
'printerVoffsetcorrection : amount in centimeters by which to shift down printout

' Margins and spacing
' Notice: these margins are meant INSIDE the printer's printing area
'adHorizontalMargin : left and right margins, in centimeters
'adHorizontalSpacing : space between 2 columns, in centimeters
'adVerticalMargin : top and bottom margins, in centimeters
'adVerticalSpacing : space between 2 rows, in centimeters

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