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Who Would You Like To Speak To?          
I Will Say You [Called]                  
[He] Is [Out]                            
[She] Will Be Back In About [Five Minutes]
Who {Shall I Say} Is [Calling]?          
I Will Phone You Back In [Five Minutes]  
[She] Is Not Here                        
[She] Wants To Speak To You              
Have You Got A Message?                  
[TOM] Wants To Speak To You              
Can You Repeat That                      
Who [Called]                             
[Who] Is [This]?                         
I Will Phone You Later                   
Phone Me If Anything Happens             
There Were [Three] Calls [Last Night]    
What Did [You / I] Say?                  
What Number Are You Calling?             
What Did [TOM] Say?                      
[He] Went Out                            
I Would Like To Speak To [TOM]           
Could I Speak To [TOM] Please?           
Answer The [Phone]                       
Wait A Moment                            
Has Anyone Called?                       
When Will [He] Return?                   
I Will Look For [Her]                    
[TOM] Wants To Speak To You              
He Said He Will [Phone] You Tomorrow     
I Do Not Know When [She] Will Arrive     
I Am Sorry To Keep You Waiting           
I Will Just Call Again                   
What Time Will [She] Return?             
I Think [He] Will Return At [Three]      
I Will Try Again Later                   
You Call [TOM]                           
[She] Is On The Toilet                   
[She] Is In The Bathroom                 
You Call [A Doctor]                      
Good [Morning]                           
[TOM] Called You                         
Good [Afternoon]                         
Slow Your Words                          
I Am Learning TAGALOG                    
He Said He Will [See] You Tomorrow       
Phone Me {Again} Later                   
No Thank You                             
I Do Not Know                            
Could I Use Your Phone?                  
Thank You Very Much                      
She Does Not Know                        
Good [Evening/Night]                     
They Do Not Know                         
Is [TOM] There?                          
We Do Not Know                           
[I] Said...                              
[She] Said...                            
What Did [They] Say?                     
I Will Find Out If [She] Is Here/<In>    
He Said He Will Just Call Again Later    
Were There Any Other Messages?           
He Said He Will [Visit] You Tomorrow     
Have You [Met] [TOM Bloxy] <Already>?    
Who Is [That]?                           
Do You Know [TOM / Him]?                 
We Went To The Same [School]             
What Are You Doing?                      
How Is [Everything With You]?            
They Are Both Well                       
And You, Everything Fine <With You>?     
How Are [Your Parents]?                  
It Has Been Nice Talking To You          
I Live At Number                         
[Twenty Three], [Bloxy]-[Street/Way/Road].
I Cannot                                 
Where Do You Live, [TOM]?                
See You [Another Day]                    
How Are You?                             
See You [On Monday]                      
I Am Fine                                
What Have You Been Doing?                
Have You [Seen] [TOM]?                   
See You [Later]                          
How Old Are You?                         
I Am [Twenty Eight]                      
See You [Tomorrow]                       
My [Name] Is [TOM]                       
What Is Your [Job/Work]?                 
What Is Your [Name]?                     
I Am A [Teacher]                         
Do You Live With Your [Family]?          
Who Are [They]?                          
See You [Again]                          
[He] Is [TOM]                            
What Is The [Name] Of Your [Uncle]?      
[She] Is A [Teacher]                     
Who Is [He]?                             
I Am Going To Visit My [Friend]          
Your [TAGALOG] Is Excellent/Very Good    
What Is Your Opinion On/Of [???]?        
Studying [TAGALOG] Is                    
[Easy / Difficult]                       
What Part Of [Nottingham] Are You From?  
I Am From [Sherwood]                     
Is [London] A Big City?                  
I Live In [Bristol]                      
See You [Soon]                           
How Do You Do                            
Are You A Friend Of [TOM's]?             
There Is [TOM Bloxy]                     
[TOM], This Is [JILL] And [SUE]          
[TOM], Have You Met [SUE]?               
Do You Find [TAGALOG] Difficult?         
[That] Is [TOM]                          
I Do Not Understand                      
[This] Is [TOM]                          
What Part Of [England] Are You From?     
I Am From [Nottingham]                   
I Am Not                                 
How Long Have You Been [Here]?           
Where Do You Live Now?                   
How Long Have You Been [There]?          
I Have Been [Here] For [Two]-[Days]      
I Think [This Is Beautiful]              
I Have Been [There] For [Two]-[Days]     
I Am Living/Staying With [Some Friends]  
Do [They] Still Live In [Bloxy] [Street]?
At Number [Forty Six]                    
Is [She] [Married]?                      
Would You Like To [See] [My] [???]?      
Is Your [Brother] [Married]?             
What [You] Said Is                       
[Uncalled For/Not Needed]                
[Uncle] [TOM] Is [Coming]                
[Mother] [Went] To [London]              
What Is [Good Morning] In TAGALOG?       
[Mother] Is [Going] To [London]          
[His]-[Father] Is [Drunk]                
[TOM's] [Father] Is [Drunk]              
[My] [Father] Is [Drunk]                 
I Will Not [Leave] / I Am Not [Leaving]  
[My] [Father] Is [Drunk]                 
I Have Been Here For [Two Hours]         
[TOM] Is [My] [Uncle]                    
My [Uncle] Has Been [Dead] A [Long Time] /
My [Uncle] [Died] A [Long Time] Ago      
[He] Is [My] [Uncle]                     
[Your] [Mother] Is [Going] To [London]   
[TOM] [Went Over There] [A While Ago]    
[TOM] [Went There] [A While Ago]  (Near) 
[Your] [Mother] [Came Here] [Yesterday]  
What Would You Like Me To Say?           
[TOM's] [Son] Is [Rude]                  
How Do You Say....[???]?                 
I Have Been Married For [Two Years]      
I Do Not Know Who He Is                  
I Know His Name                          
I Know His Uncle                         
I Gave A Party                           
For My Friend                            
[They Are / I Am] Giving A Party         
[On Sunday / For My Son]                 
SUE Is Greeting The Guests               
She Is My Guest                          
Thank You For Coming                     
Please Come Again                        
Goodbye. Until Next Time                 
Would You Like A Cigarette?              
No Thank You. I Do Not Smoke             
I Like The PHILIPPINES                   
Do You Have A Match?                     
Nice To See You Again                    
Why Don't You Come With Me?              
I Have To Meet Someone                   
Do You Work                              
On A Saturday?                           
[Twice] A Week                           
What Is The Time Now?                    
It Is Time                               
Is It Time?                              
One O'Clock                              
Half Past One                            
[Two] O'Clock                            
Half Past [Two]                          
[Twenty Five] To [Two]                   
[Twenty] To [Two]                        
[Quarter] To [Two]                       
[Ten] To [Two]                           
[Five] To [Two]                          
What Is The Date Today?                  
[Yesterday] Was [3rd/Third August]       
At [Four O'Clock] [Tomorrow] [Morning]   
It Could Be The [9th/Ninth]              
Or [10th/Tenth]                          
[Saturday] Was The [8th/Eighth]          
Today Is [Monday]                        
Today Is The [5th/Fifth]                 
It Is Nearly [Two O'Clock]               
[My] [Watch] Is [Fast]                   
What Time Do You Have, [TOM]?            
When Can You And I See Each Other?       
What Are You Doing On [Monday]?          
Will You Be Busy?                        
I Will See You At [Two O'Clock]          
Is That The Correct [Time]?              
I Will See You At [Ten] Past [Two]       
I Checked It This Morning                
[I] Must [Hurry]                         
What Time Will You Return?               
[I] Was Born In [London] On              
[August 15, 1954]                        
I Will See You At [Half] Past [Two]      
What Are You Doing [This]-[Weekend]?     
I Will Return {Around/About/After}       
[Half Past Five]                         
[Christmas] Is In [December]             
[Yesterday] Was [Wednesday]              
[TOM / She / I] Was Born In [August]     
I [Awake] At [Dawn]                      
What Is Your [Date Of Birth]?            
It Is Time To Go                         
[Her] [Birthday] Is On <The>             
[August 4th/Fourth]                      
This Year,                               
[He] Will Be [Eighty] Years Old.         
[We] [Need To] [Hurry].                  
The [Train] Is Leaving.                  
Wait A Moment/<Minute>                   
[He] Arrived Five Minutes [Late]         
[They] Were [Late] For [Class]           
[I] Am [Late] {For/On The [Train]}       
It Was Still [Early] When [TOM] Arrived  
It Was [Midnight] When [She] [Arrived]   
What Is A Good Time To Go There?         
You [Should] Go There On [Monday]        
[You Should Not] Go There On <A> Saturday
[Do Not] Go There On <A> [Monday]        
[We Do Not] Go There On <A> [Tuesday]    
[Five] Past [Two]                        
[Ten] Past [Two]                         
[Quarter] Past [Two]                     
[Twenty] Past [Two]                      
[Twenty Five] Past [Two]                 
Have You Heard The Weather Forecast?     
The Weather Is [Cold / Hot]              
What Is The Weather Like Outside?        
The Wind Was Strong [Last Night]         
Rain Today                               
There Were Only Showers [Yesterday]      
We Could/May Have A Storm/Typhoon        
The Wind At The [Door] Is Strong         
The [Night] Is Dark                      
[Last Night] Was [Cold / Hot]            
The Weather Is [Freezing]                
She Has A [Green] Umbrella               
The Wind Is Strong                       
The Sky Is [Blue / Dark]                 
I Cannot [See Through] The Fog           
I [Hear] [Thunder]                       
The Wind In The [Morning] Is [Cold]      
The Weather Is Beautiful [Today]         
The Weather Is [Windy / Raining]         
It Has Been Raining Since [Yesterday]    
It Is Not Too [Hot]                      
What Will The Weather Be Like Tomorrow?  
It Is [Thundering]                       
How Is The Weather?                      
It Will Become                           
[Cloudy / Humid / Foggy / Windy]         
That Is Near Here                        
[Bloxy Street] Is On The [First Right]   
How Can/Do I Get To [London]?            
What [Train] Goes To [London]?           
That Is [Behind] The [Bank]              
Where Is {The Place} [Manila]?           
That Is Near The [Church]                
How Far Is {The Place} London From Here? 
Where Is The [Post-Office]?              
That Is [Next To] The [Bank]             
Is There A [Bank] Near Here?             
Is The [Bus Terminal] Far From Here?     
Her [Friend] Comes From The              
[East] Of [London]                       
That Is [In Front] Of The [Bank]         
[That Man] Is From The [East]            
[They] Went To The [North]               
[TOM] Is From The [South]                
The [Front Of The House] Is [Yellow]     
That Is [Near] The [Bank]                
[He] Went Ahead Of [Us]                  
Behind The [Door]                        
That Is On The Other Side Of Town        
That Is {About} Ten Miles From Here      
You Can Get There By [Bus]               
That Is {Could Be} One Mile From Here    
From [Here]. You Can [Ride/Take] A [Bus],
If You Like.                             
How Much Is The Train Fare               
{To London}?                             
Where Does The [Bus] Leave From?         
The Distance Of [My House] [To His] Is   
[Four Metres]                            
The [Bus] Leaves From [Bloxy Street]     
Excuse Me Please.                        
I Am Looking For [Bloxy Street]          
The Distance Of [My House] [To His]      
Could Be [One Mile]                      
That Is [Opposite] The [Bank]            
You [Turn Left / Turn Right]             
At The [First Corner]                    
That Is Parallel To [This Street]        
Do You See                               
That [Car / Shopping Centre]?            
That Is Not Far From [Here]              
The Distance Of [TOM's] House [To Ours] Is
[One Mile]                               
And Then Continue Up [Bloxy Street]      
There Are Plenty Of Banks On Bloxy Street
Cross Over To The Other Side             
The Distance Of [Her] House [To Mine]    
Could Be [One Mile]                      
And Then You Will Come To                
[Bloxy Street / A Junction]              
That Is Next To The [Church]             
Do You Know Where The [Museum] Is?       
Where Is The [Toilet]?                   
I Am Looking For A                       
[Bank / Car Park]                        
You Take Bus Number [Seven]              
[We] Rent A [Flat]                       
I Pay [Five Pounds] {A Month} /          
I Am Paying [Five Pounds] {A Month}      
How Much Do You Wish To                  
[Keep / Spend / Use]?                    
Is [Food] Expensive Here?                
The [Car] [She] Bought Was/Is [Cheap]    
I Buy [Rice] [Every Month]               
You Count [Five Pounds]                  
Do You Sell [Stamps / Vegetables]?       
[The Nurse] Is Earning [Five Pounds]     
{A Day}                                  
<The> [Food] Is Quite Cheap Here         
She Is [Studying] At My Expense          
Have You Finished Your [Money]?          
How Much Is [Their] Expense [Each Month]?
[TOM] Is Earning [Five Pounds]           
{A Day}                                  
<The> [Meat] Is Quite Expensive {Here}   
Where Did You Buy That?                  
We Sell [Stamps] / We Are Selling [Stamps]
How Much Is [SUE] Earning {A Day}?       
This Was Only Cheap                      
Are We Going Shopping?                   
Some [Things] Are [Cheap]                
I Bought This In [London]                
Where Did You Buy Those [Trousers]?      
I Have No Money                          
The Price Of That One Is [Five Pounds]   
What Is The Price Of Your [Guitar]?      
I Gave Her [One Pound]                   
I Bought A [Book]                        
[SUE] Bought A [Book]                    
I Bought Them In [London]                
Did You Buy Some [Cake]?                 
My Opinion Is [That Is Not Too Expensive]
How Much Is This [Magazine]?             
Do I Pay Here?                           
How Much Each?                           
You Pay At That Cashier                  
[Three Pounds] [A Box / Each]            
How Much Is The Price Of [Perfume]?      
You Count Your [Money]                   
Not Too Expensive                        
How Much [Money] Do You {Still} Have?    
Lend Me [Five Pounds]                    
I Wish To [Keep] [Five Pounds]           
Give Me [Five Pounds]                    
I Will Buy A/Some/The [Coffee]           
Have You Got Enough Money?               
What Shall [We] Have To Eat?             
The Food Smells Good                     
I Like [Meat]                            
It Is Called [Happy Restaurant]          
You Try The [Food]                       
Do You Like [Italian] Food?              
I Will Ask For A [Knife and Fork]        
How Is The Food?                         
It [Tastes / Smells] Delicious           
Would You Like Some {More} [Rice]?       
What Is That?                            
Please Pass The [Rice]                   
{[TOM] / To [TOM]}                       
What Would You Like [To Drink]?          
That Is [Cauliflower]                    
Just Water, Thank You                    
Can You Give Me Some [Rice]              
The [Meat] Is Tasty                      
Here Is The [Salt And Pepper]            
Did You Enjoy The [Food]?                
Please Pass <Me> The [Salt]              
Please Give Me Some {More} [Peas]        
Just/Only A Little                       
Lets Have [Coffee] [Now]                 
Would You Like [Milk And Sugar]?         
This [Cake] Lacks [Sugar]                
What Do You Need?                        
Who Would Like [Soup]?                   
[We] Like That                           
I Would, Thanks                          
[I] Am Not Hungry                        
Have You Finished Your [Food]?           
Can/Could I [Eat / Drink] {Now}?         
[I] Like That                            
Is The [Food] Ready <Now>?               
I Will Just Have A Coffee                
[I] Am Hungry                            
[They] Like That                         
[They] Are Hungry                        
The [Food] Is Ready <Now>                
Could I Have {More} [Coffee / Tea]?      
What Would You Like To [Eat]?            
Do You Have Milk With Your Coffee?       
[We] Are Hungry                          
Is It Ready Now?                         
No Milk And With Sugar                   
What Would You Like?                     
This Looks [Beautiful]                   
[She] Is Hungry                          
[She] Likes That                         
[This] Is [Hot]                          
[They] Are Eating {[Sandwiches]}         
[He] Drinks [Lemon Juice] [Every Morning]
Have You Got Enough Food? (Present Tense)
Have You Had Enough Food? (Past Tense)   
There Are More [Sandwiches] Remaining/Left
This Is Plenty, Thanks                   
Are There Anymore [Sandwiches] Remaining?
Can You Give Me [One More/Another]       
[Glass] Of [Lemon Juice]?                
Please Give Me A [Glass] Of [Water]      
What Kind Of Food Do You Like?           
There Is One On [Bloxy Street]           
I Like [Filipino] Foods                  
That Is My [Favourite] Food              
Is There A Good [French] Restaurant Here?
[He] Eats [Bacon And Eggs]               
In The [Morning]                         
[I] Eat [Bacon] {At [Breakfast]}         
[TOM] Is Forbidden To Eat [Cabbage]      
I Like [Chicken] [Once]-[A Week]         
Put Some [Milk] In My [Coffee]           
[I] Drink [Coffee] {In The [Morning]}    
I Would Like To Eat [Rice]               
I Like [Grapefruit] {Very Much}          
[I] Like (Love/Really Like) [Mango]      
[She] Has Not Eaten Yet                  
Give [Me] A [Portion] Of Your [Orange]   
The [Chicken] Is [Delicious] To [Eat]    
[She] Has No Appetite                    
[We] Eat [Fresh] [Vegetables]            
[TOM] Eats [Corn Flakes] In The [Morning]
The [Baby] Is Eating {[Baby Food]}       
We Are Going To Eat Now                  
You Taste It First                       
Beat Two Eggs For The Cake               
Can You [Pick Up] The [Plates]?          
[We / I] Do Not Have [Salt]              
What Do You Want Me To Do?               
[She] Broke A [Cup]                      
[He] Drank Some [Wine]                   
Can You [Prepare] The [Plates]?          
Does Anyone Have <Any> [Coffee]?         
Have [We] Got [Salt]?                    
Fry The Fish                             
{Until [<It Is> Golden-Brown]}           
Cook These [Vegetables]                  
The [Rice] Is Cooked                     
Cook Some [Rice]                         
I Do Not Eat [Meat]                      
Do You Have Something To Put The [Milk]  
Do You Have [Coffee]?                    
Cook/Boil The [Rice]                     
Can You [Wash] The [Plates]?             
Grind The [Pepper]                       
I Would Like To Eat [Rice]               
Can You [Pack] The [Plates]?             
Cook The [Rice] [Good/Well]              
I Do Not Want [Her] To [Starve]          
Stew The [Meat]                          
Please Peel The [Potatoes] For [Me]      
What Are [We] Going To [Eat]             
{For [Dinner/Supper]}?                   
Please Boil Some [Water] For [Us]        
Cook The Rice At [Five O'Clock]          
Can You Slice The [Onions / Cheese]?     
Boil Your [Egg]                          
[He] Spilt The [Milk]                    
Wipe Your [Lips] With A [Serviette]      
What Shall [We] Have To Eat?             
The [Food] Is Ready Now                  
Can You [Collect] The [Plates]?          
[I] Have No [Pepper] Grinder             
Just/Only A Little                       
Please Pass The [Rice]                   
{[TOM] / To [TOM]}                       
The [Jones's] Do Not Eat [Pork]          
We Ate Chicken At Dinner/Supper          
Is The [Food] Ready Now?                 
What Would You Like?                     
Give [Him] A Piece Of Your [Bread]       
Can You Give Me Some [Sugar]             
This Is Plenty, Thanks                   
Have You Got Enough Food? (Present Tense)
Have You Had Enough Food? (Past Tense)   
Please Pass <Me> The [Salt]              
You Make A [Cake]                        
They Made A/Some [Cake]                  
Please Give Me Some {More} [Peas]        
What Do You Need?                        
Is It Ready Now?                         
The [Fish] [She] Bought Is Stale         
Throw Away The [Rotten Cake]             
The [Cake] Is [Rotten / Fresh]           
The [Fish] Is Stale                      
The Food Is On The Table                 
The [Fish] [Stinks / Has A Bad Smell]    
What Do [We / You] Need?                 
Did You Buy Some [Cake]?                 
[I] Need [Eggs] {For [My] [Cake]}        
[We] Can Buy [Coffee] At The [Shop/Store]
What Else Do [We / You] Need?            
[Potatoes] Are One Pound A [Kilo]        
Do [We] Need <Any> [Eggs]                
Do You Need Anything?                    
[SUE] Went To The [Market / Market Place]
The [Eggs] Are Over There                
Buy Some [Eggs] At The [Shop/Store]      
These [Fruits] Look Nice And Fresh       
These Are Not [Ripe]                     
Can You Buy Some [Eggs]                  
From The [Shop/Store / Market]           
[Eggs] Are Expensive {Now}               
Do You Need To Buy [Bread]?              
Food Is Expensive {Nowadays/These Days}  
[We] Need [Eggs] And [Bacon]             
{For [Breakfast]}                        
Do You Need <Any> [Cigarettes]?          
Can You Buy [Me]                         
[One/A/An [Egg] / Some [Bread]]?         
[TOM] Needs [Cigarettes]                 
Do [We / You] Need Anything Else?        
I {Also} Need To Buy {Some} [Meat]       
What About [Soap]?                       
[We] Already Have [Soap]                 
[Is She / Are They] [Leaving]?           
Where Are You Going?                     
[TOM] Is There                           
[I] Am Leaving [In A Few Minutes]        
Come Along With [Us] / Join [Us]         
All Of Them Are [Leaving]                
Do Not [Leave]                           
[I] Am [Leaving] {[Tomorrow]}            
Where Are [We] Going?                    
I Am Going To Work                       
Come On [Sunday]                         
Where Is [TOM]?                          
Why Are You [Leaving] {[So Soon]}?       
Come Here                                
Where Are [You All] Going?               
Go Ahead                                 
Do Not [Return/Go Back]                  
Wait For [Me] At The [Shop/Store]        
Come Down And Join [Us]                  
Wait For [Me]                            
Do Not Leave Yet                         
Go To The [Door]                         
I Can Go With Her To The [Circus]        
Do Not Enter/Go In                       
Do Not Leave Until I Arrive              
Go Down                                  
When Will [TOM] Return From              
[America / The Shop/Store]?              
[I] Shall Arrive At [Five] In The        
Wait For [TOM]                           
[I] Am Leaving [Soon/Shortly]            
[I] Told [Her] [To Wait]                 
Wait [Downstairs / Upstairs]             
Stay Awhile                              
I Do Not Know When [He] Will [Arrive]    
When Are You Returning? (To This Country?)
[She] Will Arrive [Soon / Tomorrow]      
When Are You Leaving?                    
[He] Came/Arrived Shortly After You Left 
[I] Will Return [Tomorrow / Soon/Shortly]
[I] Am Leaving [Tomorrow]                
I Am Going To The [Shop/Store]           
When Is [He] [Leaving / Returning]?      
[TOM] Was Able To Leave/Get Away         
You Might Not {Go}                       
You Might Not {Join}                     
You Might Not {Join Me/Go With Me}       
Where Have You Been (Familiar)           
Where Have You Been (With Respect)       
How Are You Going? / How Will You Go?    
When Did You Arrive?                     
Do You Know If/When He Will Return?      
We Shall Go Where You Like               
When You Leave, I Shall Go With You      
Have You Read This [Magazine]?           
What News Is In The [Newspaper]?         
[TOM / He] Is Reading {The Newspaper}    
I've [Seen / Looked At / Read / Finished]
That Already                             
What [Is She / Are You / Am I] Reading?  
You Write To [TOM]                       
I Need [A Pen And Paper]                 
Can I Borrow Your [Pen]?                 
Can You See Alright?                     
Sign The [Letter]                        
I Am Reading/<I Read> {[A Lot Of]}       
[Books / Bloxy Books]                    
[She] Wrote A [Letter / Poem]            
Did You Receive My [Letter]?             
The [Book] {I Am Using} Is Only Borrowed 
[I] Read The [First] [Chapter]           
{Of Her Book}                            
Have You Read The [Magazine]?            
From What I Read, That Is Not True       
I Am Writing                             
He Read To [TOM] and [SUE]               
Please Read Me A [Story]                 
Please Write Your Name                   
Please Take My [Letter] To The Post Office
[This {Paper} / These {Papers}]          
[That {Paper} / Them/Those {Papers}]     
That [Woman] Is Talkative                
What Did [They] Say?                     
[SUE] Said [She] Has [Eaten] <Already>   
Tell [TOM] To Go With You                
You Speak In [English]                   
Tell Me Your [Name]                      
What Did You Say?                        
[Your] [Mother] Is Talkative             
[She] Said...                            
<Please> Talk To Your [Mother]           
{If You Can}                             
Do Not [Shout At / Tell] [Me / Her]      
Listen {To The [Music]}                  
We Seen/Found [Him]                      
Shout At [SUE]                           
[She] Entered Silently                   
Be Quiet                                 
It Is Noisy / There Is A Lot Of Noise    
[Outside / In Their [House]]             
Did You Hear The [Bell]?                 
[He] Is Hard Of Hearing                  
Can You Smell The [Food]?                
[TOM's] [Baby] Is A Cry-Baby             
You Taste It First                       
It [Tastes / Smells] Delicious           
Look There, [TOM]                        
Look For [My] [Book]                     
Look Up [His Name] In The [Directory]    
[She] Has A [Soft / Sweet] Voice         
Do Not Touch                             
{[Their / SUE's] [Things]}               
I Feel A [Pain] On The [Neck]            
Can I See Your [Letter]?                 
I Believe/Think....                      
[He Is Reading / They Are Coming]        
[She] Speaks/Talks Very Loud             
I Saw Him, When I Was In                 
[London / The Shop/Store]                
[I] Said...                              
Did You Hear What She Said?              
He Cried {Because Of [You / Me]}         
I Saw [SUE] At The [Market] {Yesterday}  
The Baby Is Talking/<Talks>              
That Is/Was Also My Opinion/Idea         
Were You Looking For Me?                 
[What / Who] Are You Looking For?        
I Was Looking For You                    
[Last Night / At Lunch Time]             
I Do Not [Remember / Know]               
Don't You Remember {[Her / TOM]}?        
Remember The Date {Of [Her] [???]}       
<You> Wake Up At [Four]                  
You Sleep On The [New Sofa]              
[SUE] Wants To Sleep For A While         
[TOM] Slept Well [Last Night]            
[SUE] Is Asleep                          
[TOM] Is Taking A Nap                    
The Baby Is Sleeping                     
Do Not Wake [Her] {Until [Four]}         
[TOM] Was Awake When I [Arrived]         
Wake Up Early Tomorrow                   
<You> Wake Me Up Also                    
[She] Wakes Up At [Six In The Morning]   
Wake [Him / Me] Up {At Five}             
[TOM Is / I Am] Tired                    
[TOM] Is Sleepless                       
[They] Get Up At [Six In The Morning]    
[I] Slept On The [Sofa] Last Night       
[He] Wakes Up Early                      
I Am Going To Bed Now                    
Wake Me Up If There Are Any Calls        
[You / You All] Look Tired               
<The> Children Should Sleep Early        
He Is Snoring                            
Wake Up!                                 
Go To Sleep <Now>                        
Did You Hear The [Bell / Door]?          
Knock On The Door {Before You Enter}     
Mop The Floor                            
[Open / Clean] The/{Your} Window         
[My] [Hands] Are [Dirty]                 
[Close / Lock] The/{Your} [Door]         
Sweep The Floor {Before You Leave}       
I Have A Bath Every Day                  
[She / TOM] Has [A Letter]               
I Have [Two] [Letters] Already           
There Is No Hot Water                    
The Door Cannot Be Opened                
Bring Me The [Broom]                     
I Am Going To [Close] The [Window]       
You Need To Lock The [Door]              
The Lock {Of His Room} Cannot Be Opened  
The [Room] Is [Clean]                    
I Lost My Key                            
Is [TOM] At Home?                        
I Lost The Key To My [Flat]              
There Is A [Pencil] In The [Living Room] 
[She] Is In The [Garden]                 
When Did [She] Leave The House?          
[TOM] Received [A Letter]                
When Will [He] Return?                   
[I] Am On/In The Toilet                  
What Is [She] Doing?                     
I Am In The [Kitchen] {Cooking}          
[I] Am Going [Downtown]                  
[She] Has Gone To [Work]                 
{With [TOM]}                             
I Am Going To [Wash] The [Window]        
[He] Is Going To [Work]                  
Who Did You Go With?                     
[I] Went With [TOM]                      
Who With?                                
Are You Staying At Home                  
I Have A Lot To Do                       
What Are You Going To Do [This Afternoon]?
I Am Going To [Clean] The [Window]       
I Am Going To [Open] The [Window]        
[She] Has Gone To [Work]                 
{With Her [Friend]}                      
[She] Is Wearing A {Beautiful} [Red Dress]
[That] [Skirt] Is Beautiful, [SUE]       
Is Your [Dress] [New / Old]?             
The [Colour] Suits You                   
Can You [Iron / Sew] My [Shirt], Please? 
Where Did You Buy Those [Trousers]       
Where Did You Buy Those [Slippers]       
Where Did You Buy That                   
I Know How To [Iron] [Clothes]           
[TOM's] [Clothes] Are [Clean]            
[TOM] Has [Plenty] [To Sew/Of Sewing]    
There Is Some [Dirt] On Her [Dress]      
Please Mend My [Shoe]                    
Fix Your Hair                            
What Are You Going To Wear?              
Wear The Yellow Dress                    
That Is Old                              
I Have Nothing To Wear                   
Wear Your New Dress                      
I Shall Wear My BLOXY Dress              
I Like The BLOXY Dress                   
Please Get My Dress                      
[SUE] Is A Member Of The Church Choir    
[They] Were Married In The [Church]      
[His] [Sister] Is Dying                  
Many People Went To The Cemetery         
Is [She] [Married]?                      
[They] Sang During The Ceremony          
[They] Have A Group Prayer [Later Tonight]
[TOM] Is {Still} A Bachelor              
Love God Above All Others                
[SUE] Is {Still} A Spinster              
Remove Your [Hat]                        
{Before You [Enter]} {The [Church]}      
Have You Got A [Car]?                    
Tomorrow Is A [Public Holiday]           
Have You Been To [America]?              
I Went There Last Year                   
I Had A [Beautiful/Great Time]           
I Was Only There For [Two Weeks]         
I Went To [L.A] {And San Francisco}      
I {Still} Have Not Been <Yet>            
[It / Tomorrow] Is The [Chinese] New Year
How Did You Like It There?               
Where Are You [Staying / Stopping]?      
All The [Shops/Stores] Are Closed        
What Places Did You Visit/Go To?         
I Am Going To [New York] [Next Year]     
I Stayed With My [Younger/est] [Sister]  
He Lives/Is Living In [Los Angeles]      
[My] [Uncle] Lives In [New York]         
Are You Enjoying It Here?                
I Stayed With A [Friend]                 
Can You Speak [French]?                  
It Is Always Crowded With Traffic Here   
I Am Staying [With Some Friends]         
What Is That {Big} {New} Building?       
I Am Staying [At The [Plaza] Hotel]      
It Is Beautiful To See From Here         
Would You Like To Buy Anything?          
That Is The [Bloxy] Building             
We Will Stop At The [Utility Shop]       
Happy Journey / Have A Nice Journey/Trip 
I Would Like To Buy A [Film]             
{For My [Camera]}                        
That Is Our [Public Library]             
Where Do We Buy The [Tickets]            
Hurry Up!                                
It Is Leaving [Early/Soon / Now / Later] 
You Can Buy Your [Film] There            
The [Ticket Office] Is Over There        
[It / That] Leaves From Platform Five    
Can You [Lower] The Window.              
I Am Hot                                 
Good. We Are Leaving                     
Here Comes The Guard                     
Is There A [Restaurant] On The [Train]?  
What Is Wrong With [The Car / Your Car]? 
From Here, Where Is The [Hotel]?         
In The Front Of The [Car]                
What Time Do We Arrive At                
[Bloxy Station]?                         
I Said [Hurry Up / Slow Down]            
We Should Arrive At [Five Thirty]        
Can I Sit Here?                          
I Said [Stand Up / Sit Down]             
What Time Do We Leave                    
[Bloxy Station]?                         
The Seat Is Free / Nobody Is Sitting There
I Am Going To/Into [Town]                
I Am Also Going There                    
Do/Are You Come From [Bloxy]?            
I Was Born There                         
I Work <Just> Outside [Bloxy]            
We Are Stopping                          
Do You Know Anyone In [Blox]?            
How Can I Get There?                     
Where Do You Want To Go?                 
You Can Ride (Take) A [Taxi]             
What Time Is The [Flight]?               
Have You Got Everything? /               
Have You Forgotten Anything?             
Here We Are                              
You Still Have Plenty Of Time            
Tomorrow Is An [Holiday]                 
Do You Know....                          
What The [Movie] Is About?               
Do You Have Any Hobbies?                 
I Am Collecting Stamps / I Collect Stamps
Can You See <Alright>?                   
(When someone is blocking your view, etc)
It Is {A} {[Big]}                        
{[Stamp] Collection}                     
I {Also} Like {To Listen To} Music       
What Are Your Hobbies?                   
[Gambling] Is [TOM's] Hobby              
I Am {Still} A Beginner {Only}           
Listen To The Music                      
Is Your [Stamp] Collection [Big]?        
Do You Like [To Swim]?                   
I Like [Tennis] The Best                 
Do You Like [To Dance / To Run]?         
I Play A Lot Of Sport                    
I Like/Am Interested In [Classical Music]
I Also Like [To Swim]                    
Do You Know How [To Swim]?               
Are You Interested In [Sport]?           
What Sport Do You Like Best?             
[She] Does Not Know How To Swim          
[Tennis] Is [Very Popular]               
We Do Not Play [Tennis] /                
We Are Not Playing [Tennis]              
I Listen To The [Radio] Every Night      
Yes, I Love It                           
Do You Often Listen To <The> [Radio]?    
They Are [Swimming / Playing Tennis]     
I Do Not Gamble / I Am Not Gambling      
Is She Playing [Mah-Jong]? /             
Does She Play [Mah-Jong]?                
Gamble With Your [???]                   
He Shuffled The Cards                    
Shuffle The Cards {Before Playing}       
Teach [Me / Her] The Game/Sport          
TOM's Card {Number} Is Four              
All The Odd Numbers Have Gone (Finished) 
The Winner {Of The Game} Is TOM          
I Lost                                   
I Am Losing                              
I Had An Accident [Yesterday]            
[She] Needs [Help]                       
I Wear [Eyeglasses]                      
This/It Is [Broken]                      
What Happened?                           
Are You [Frightened]                     
I Have A [Sore Throat / Backache]        
The Baby Is Healthy                      
How Did This/It Happen?                  
Has Your [Wound] Healed Yet?             
She Has A Dry Cough                      
I Have A [Headache / Sore Tooth]         
[His] [Arm] Is Broken                    
This/It Was Not My Fault                 
He Has A [Wound] On His [Leg]            
Clean The Wound                          
You Call [A Doctor / TOM]                
Dab The Wound With A Piece Of Cotton     
[SUE] Has A Cold                         
The Wound Is Clean                       
I Need A Piece Of Cloth                  
[She] Is [Deaf]                          
[Their / His] [Father] Is Ill            
I Am [Ill / Healthy]                     
[Blox-Cure] Is {Also} A Medicine For     
[Coughs And Colds]                       
Are You [Hurt]?                          
[She] Needs [Bandages]                   
Are You [Shocked]?                       
[TOM] Is [Deaf]                          
Are You [Injured]?                       
You Might Be Sick                        
The Illness Of TOM Is [???]              
SUE Is Sick/Ill                          
What Is Your Name?                       
[You Are / She Is] [Very Beautiful]      
Are You [TOM]?                           
Slow Your Words                          
I Am Learning TAGALOG                    
Do You Know [TOM / Her]?                 
Are You Coming <Along>?                  
Is [The Woman / She] Beautiful?          
Would You Like To See A Movie?           
Why Is She [Angry / Crying]?             
Shall We Meet In The Afternoon?          
[TOM] Is Married To [SUE]                
Would You Like To [See] [My] [???]?      
Is [He / Your Brother] Married?          
Do You Understand?                       
It Is Up To You                          
Never Mind                               
She Does Not Understand [English]        
You Speak In [English]                   
Tell Me Your [Name]                      
What Did You Say?                        
Is [She] [Very Ugly / Ugly]?             
[He] Is Ugly                             
Happy [Valentines / Birthday], [SUE]     
I Miss You                               
See You [On Monday]                      
I Am Fine                                
How Old Are You?                         
See You [Tomorrow]                       
I Am [Twenty Eight]                      
My [Name] Is [TOM]                       
I Am A [Teacher]                         
What Is Your Job?                        
Do You Live With Your [Family]?          
Your [TAGALOG] Is Excellent/Very Good    
What Part Of [Nottingham] Are You From?  
What Time Do You Have?                   
When Can You And I See Each Other?       
I Am From [Sherwood]                     
How Do You Do / How Are You?             
What Are You Doing On [Monday]?          
Will You Be Busy?                        
I Will See You At [Two O'Clock]          
Yes / No                                 
What Are You Doing [This]-[Weekend]?     
{Please} Give Me A [Kiss!]               
She Loves [Him / TOM]                    
TOM Is My [Lover]                        
My Lover Is [Drunk]                      
TOM Is A                                 
[Faithful Lover / Idiot]                 
Her Attitude {On [???]} Is               
Not Good                                 
She Tried To Seduce                      
[Him / TOM / His Friend]                 
She Seems To Be [Ordinary]               
Whose [???] Is This?                     
Get Permission                           
I Cannot Remember                        
[SUE] Has A Loud [Mouth]                 
I Do Not Agree {With You}                
I Agree                                  
I Do Not Know (As In: Clueless)          
I Do Not                                 
What Is It/This?                         
What Do You Want? / What Would You Like? 
This Is My [???]                         
That [???] Is Mine                       
My [???] Is [???]                        
Put The [???] Under The [Table]          
How Many [???] Have You Got?             
I Have Two [??? s]                       
Give That To Me / Give Me That           
They Are Waiting For You                 
That Is Your [???]                       
The [???] Is Yours                       
The [???] Is For You                     
That Is My [???]                         
Give This To Him                         
Which Is Your Coffee?                    
[We / I] Saw That                        
[We / I] Saw [Somebody]                  
[We / I] Saw A [Dog]                     
I Know                                   
I Know Nothing                           
Do Not Interfere                         
I Am Not {Going to the [Market]}         
You Are Early                            
You Are Late                             
What For?                                
What Is Your Decision?                   
You Decide                               
What Is Your Mother's Decision?          
Am I [Late]?                             
What Is [TOM's] Decision?                
[I] Am Feeling Hot                       
Six Years Already/Now                    
Do You Have?/Have You Got?  (I.e The Item
Just Passed To Everyone - E.g  A Ticket) 
Is This/It [Broken]?                     
Well! (As In: I Am Surprised/Shocked)    
How Did [You / They] Do That?            
Can You Look After My [Flowers]          
{While I Am Away}?                       
What Program Is On {Tonight}?            
I Am Ready Now                           
Is [This] [New]?                         
Where Would You Like To Sit?             
Can You Look After My [Baby]             
{While I Am Away}?                       
Please Give This To [TOM]                
I [Believe / Think]....He Is Reading     
Can I Help You?                          
I Think This Is - A - ???                
Do You Know....What The [Movie] Is About?
Where Do You Want To Go?                 
Why Are You Going To/<Into>              
[Town / The Shop/Store]?                 
What's Yours?                            
Nothing Much Really                      
Not So                                   
I Do Not Know If....                     
I Do Not Know (In an Ignorant sort of way)
I Do Not Like (What has been Offered)    
Once In A While                          
Never Mind                               
It Is Up To You                          
No More                                  
Don't (Do Not)                           
Wait (As In: Hold Your Horses!)          
Be Quick/Hurry Up                        
Later On                                 
Go On <Then>                             
What A Pity/Shame                        
It/That Is Enough/Correct                
Is It True?                              
Maybe / Who Knows                        
Say What You Like                        
Just There                               
Happy Christmas                          
Happy Birthday                           
Happy Easter                             
Happy Greetings / Congratulations        
From [There]. You Can Ride A [Bus]       
All The [Pharmacies] Are Closed          
I [Believe / Think]....They Are Coming   
This Is A [TOM Bloxy] [Movie]            
Do You <Know How To> [Drive / Smoke]?    
We Have An Appointment At [Four]         
Do I Make Many Mistakes?                 
You Made A Mistake                       
There Is A [Wildlife] Program At [Seven] 
What Is The Title?/What Is It Called?    
<You> Accompany Your Mother              
Give (Pass) [One Pound] To Your Mother   
What Is Your Belief/Opinion/Idea/Estimate?
What Is The Program {On Channel Two}?    
I Have Been To The [Shops/Stores]        
What He Said Was A Joke Only             
[TOM] Is Hesitating {To Leave}           
[TOM] Is Not At Fault                    
His/Her Uncle Is Not At Home             
We Need A [Couch] At Home                
Because Of [TOM], [SUE] Did Not Go       
What Excuse Did [TOM] Give?              
[She] Offered To Help Him                
How Much Is His Offer?                   
That Is The [???] I Was Talking About    
I Have A Friend Leaving Tomorrow         
Put Down (Lower) The/{Your} [Knife]      
<You> Raise/Lift The/{Your} [Chair]      
[SUE] Has {[Good]} News                  
Forget The [???]!                        
[We] Have A {[New]} [Car]                
[SUE] Went To The [Shop/Store]           
When Is [SUE's] [Party / Birthday]       
I Forgot My [???]                        
Leave If/When You Want <To>              
Why Did She [Come Here / Call (Phone)]?  
That Is Their Book                       
Their House Is Big                       
Is This My Coffee?                       
<You> Give That To [Me / Them]           
<You> Give Them The Tickets              
The Price Then Was Five Pounds           
The President Then Was [TOM BLOXY]       
Where Are Your [Books]?                  
What Are Your [Names]?                   
Who Are You?                             
Do Not Be Angry With [Her]               
[TOM] Is As [Bad/Wicked/Evil] As [SUE]   
Let Us Dance                             
Forget The Past                          
My Pocket Has A Hole In It               
Have Your Hair Cut                       
[SUE's] Hair Is [Curly / Red] Now        
I Found/Saw A Piece Of Glass In The Rice 
{I Think} [SUE] Is [False] (A Bullster!!)
They Opened The Door                     
They Are Playing [Cards / Music]         
The/{My} [Holiday / Vacation] Is/Has     
Nearly Finished                          
[TOM] Received A [Warning]               
There Is The Money You Were Looking For  
[SUE] Has Five [Sons]                    
[TOM] Has A Big [Family]                 
The House Is Big                         
Which Is Your [Daughter/Son]?            
Would You Like To Dance, [SUE]?          
I Know What You Know                     
[TOM] Is Similar To [SUE]                
What Is Wrong With [The Car / Your Car]? 
Yes, I Have A [Baby Boy]                 
All The Shops/Stores And Schools         
Are Closed                               
Do You Have Any [Children]?              
I Have Been Married For [Six Months]     
[SUE] Was Given A Table By Her Mother    
They Have A Big Kitchen                  
Are You [Married]?                       
Are You [Married], [TOM]?                
Try To Borrow [TOM's] [Book]             
She Lives [Close To The Bridge]          
Her/His House Is Near                    
[We] Know Our Neighbours                 
Our House Has [Three]-[Bedrooms]         
[TOM] Has A [Round Table]                
I Would Like To Sit [In The Middle]      
I Would Like To Sit [At The Front]       
I Would Like To Sit [At The Back]        
[We] Can Give You [Seventy Pounds]       
{A [Week]}                               
What Is Wrong With You? / What Is Wrong? 
Your [Feet] Stink                        
Can You Look Over My [Papers]?           
She Plays The [Violin]                   
He Is {Still} A [Virgin]                 
Her Door Is [Violet]                     
It Is [TOM's] Birthday On Saturday       
Make A Wish                              
Are You From [Manila]?                   
The [Book] Is Ours                       
This Is Our House                        
This Has Four [Bedrooms]                 
Here Is Where My Sister Lives            
Have You Finished [School]?              
You Are A [Idiot]                        
All Of You Are [Idiots]                  
He Is An [Idiot]                         
Their Family Is [Humble/Poor]            
I Am Busy/Occupied Preparing             
{For The [Fiesta]}                       
<You> Accompany Your Mother              
I Gave Five Pounds {Contribution}        
{For The [???]}                          
We Shall Help The/Those People           
That [Cake] Is Mine                      
My [Pencil] Is [Lost]                    
You Persuade Her/Him {To Buy [A Car]}    
[TOM] Is Wasting Paper                   
What Is [Her] Ambition {In Life}?        
[TOM] Has Some Doubt                     
You Should Not {Bite Your [Nails]}       
I Am Sorry To [Wake] You                 
I Am Sorry To [Trouble] You              
I Am Sorry To [Interrupt] You            
[That] Picture Was Taken At/In           
[The Philippines]                        
It Is Prohibited To Enter                
Do You Have A/An [Appointment]?          

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