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"LeonAutoBackup" V2.19 Copyright (C) 1998-2019 Leon Wang

This is a file backup utility runs in Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/NT/ME/9x.

Feel happy to try this program and hope really helpful to prevent
your files from hard drive broken or virus invasion etc. Usually,
you can set network folder(s) in LAN as your "backup" folder(s),
because there's rather low probability that both drives got broken
in the same time. CD/DVD+RW drive is also an option.

It copies your files from "working" (source) folder(s) to "backup" (destination) folder(s) when the program start/exit or every specified time interval. There's an internal counter increasing every second while the program is running except the backup job is in progress.
If you has a schedule program running, LeonAutoBackup can be called from there with "/o" or "-o" command line switch. This tells LeonAutoBackup "run once" and exit immediately after all backup jobs done. In "run once" mode, either "When Start" or "When Exit" options are executed. To change options, just run LeonAutoBackup without switch.
You can specify exclusions with "?" and/or "*" wildcard and the days of deleted files you want to be kept in the backup folders.
To speed up backup job, you can select whether to check the file modification time by checkbox "Ignore file time". If it's disabled, the program will copy newer files only.

To work with multiple backup folders, "Chained" mode could be activated by checkbox "Chained". It works like below:
    Source -> destination 1
    Destination 1 -> destination 2
    Destination 2 -> destination 3
and normal mode works like this:
    Source -> destination 1
    Source -> destination 2

Another typical use of this program is to build a mirror folder, or many mirror folders to share files in your working (source) folder to other users who have no access right for your source folder. For instance, you have P: and N: mapped drives from LAN, and have write access to them, but your colleagues have only N: drive read-only, and no access to P: drive. You created P:\CAR folder and want to share it to others for read-only, then you can set P:\CAR as source and N:\CAR as backup folder, with shorter auto-backup time interval, and "Clear deleted/excluded files" checkbox enabled.

The setting of "Clear deleted/excluded files after () days" is also used by clearing
folder(s) after each backup session if enabled "Empty".

To install this program, just copy the file "LeonAutoBackup.exe" to any directory,
no setup or other library files needed.

To run, just execute "LeonAutoBackup.exe", suggest that create a
shortcut in Program\Startup group.

To uninstall, delete the "LeonAutoBackup.exe" and "LeonAutoBackup.ini", that's all.

Exclusion pattern examples:
 a) *             [all files in all subdirectories]
 b) *.tmp         [all tmp files in all subdirectories]
 c) c:\dir1\*     [all files in c:\dir1 and its subdirectories]
 d) c:\dir2\*.bak [all bak files in c:\dir2 and subdirectories]
 e) *\~*          [all files and dirs whose name begins with ~]
 f) *\folder settings\*  [so, it's just a simple string match]

This program is free for personal use, and thus no warranty is granted in any aspects. For commercial or business purpose, or redistribute this program with charge, a written license by the author is required.

Any problems/questions/bugs/suggestions, just post at:

  本软件适用于将自己的工作目录(源目录)中的文件备份到一个或多个有可写权限的共享目录(目的目录)中,  只要不是所有的计算机(硬盘)同时瘫痪, 可大大降低文件丢失或损坏的可能性。 另外, 本软件还可以用于在局域网上建立镜像目录。
  软件特点: 可设定备份间隔时间(分钟,注意该间隔时间的设置, 过长起不到备份保护作用,过短则不能利用其挽救误操作);无需备份的文件(可以使用?和*通配符); 旧文件在备份目录的保留天数; 可备份至多个"备份目录"; 可以同时设定多个工作目录及各自的备份选项。程序利用一个定时器在后台运行,每隔指定的时间间隔备份一次, 备份是通过将已存盘文件复制到指定目录而实现的,同时检查源文件的修改日期,    使之只对更新过的文件进行复制(此规则可由“忽略文件时间”选项取消)。为尽量防止文件损坏, 程序将不用0字节的源文件覆盖非0字节的同名备份文件, 也不允许备份目录与源目录(工作目录)路径完全相同。

Author:    Leon Wang (王立恒) <leonwang _at_>

Change history:
      V2.19   2018-12-27
Optimized for large files;
      V2.18   2017-07-03
Delete the files/folders if modification time is not available, in the folders specified in "Empty
specified folder(s) after each backup done";
      V2.17   2015-09-07
Disable INI file flushing in each parameter saving, only flush the INI file just before
exiting the program, to resolve tmp file flooding problem.
      V2.16   2013-03-07
Add UTF-8 support(need re-configure if non-ASCII charactors in the ini file);
Add non-empty condition while making ini file backup;
      V2.15   2011-12-12
Add ini backup file to prevent damaging from accidents such as power failure etc.
      V2.14   2010-09-06
Add response for user break while emptying additional folders, useful in case too many files inside.
      V2.13   2010-08-24
Add tolerance of 2 seconds while comparing file modification time, useful for FAT file system.
      V2.12   2009-11-28
Supress error information while deleting files in temporary folder;
      V2.11   2009-09-25
Stop if encountered reading error of source folder;
      V2.10   2006-09-18
Disable "auto shut down" if done once successfully;
Disable a task if the source folder does not exist;
      V2.09   2005-10-13
Added a new feature to empty temporary folder(s) periodically. The deletion is delayed for several days you specified.
      V2.08   2005-09-06
Added "Shut down" option to automatically close the computer after a successful backup job done.
      V2.07   2005-08-03
Added "Chained" mode for multiple backup folders.
      V2.06   2005-07-20
Added "Run external program" after backup job done.
      V2.05   2005-07-06
Use previous file count number to save "prepare" step for progress bar, thus saved total execution time while doing backup for large folders.
      V2.04   2005-06-14
Performance improvement.
      V2.03   2005-06-10
Added "Ignore file time" checkbox, i.e., now user can control whether to apply the rule "only backup newer files".
      V2.02   2005-05-23
1) Moved configuration file "Leon AutoBackup.ini" from "\Documents and Settings\" to same folder of LeonAutoBackup.exe, and renamed to same with exe.
2) Added warning of "clear extra".
      V1.99   2005-05-11
Displays also count of errors at status bar.
      V1.98   2005-05-10
Bugfix for cannot create destination path.
      V1.96   2005-02-02
Check and create destination folder(s) before backup, except root folders, whose path is <= 3 characters.
      V1.94   2004-11-11
Added flush before closure to avoid configuration not being saved while Windows shutting down.
      V1.93   2004-11-09
Save the internal counter value before exit and resume at next run.
      V1.92   2004-06-18
Change the destination file attribute to FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL prior actual copying.
      V1.91   2004-05-18
Set the program itself as IDLE_PRIORITY_CLASS, "insert sleep" is not necessary any more.
      V1.90   2004-04-06
- "New folder" is available now in folder selection dialogue.
- Bug fix for "o" command line switch.
      V1.89   2004-03-11
Seperated "Backup Now" to backup all jobs or 1-to-1 only.
      V1.88   2004-01-14
Added "Don't display warnings" option if you don't care.
      V1.87   2004-01-06
Added an option of "Insert sleep" while doing backup, i.e. sleep 1 second every 20 files processed, this reduces the influence to foreground programs while copying large folders.
      V1.86   2003-12-01
Implemented switch "o" for "run once".
      V1.85   2003-09-17
Bug fix: Always apply the first Exclusion mask.
      V1.84   2003-09-02
Save the current settings just before every backup.
      V1.83   2003-08-28
Will execute backup by timer not only in hidden.
      V1.82   2003-08-26
1) Individual setting could be disabled temporarily;
2) More progress prompt text, e.g. percentage etc.
      V1.81   2003-07-24
Delete extra files/dirs at backup folder(s) in spite of their attributes.
      V1.80   2003-07-10
1) Changed settings saving from Windows Registry to an INI file located in the user's "Documents and Settings" directory, in order to ease duplicating the settings to other computers. You must re-configure, sorry! You may delete the registry entry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Guidance Laboratory\Leon AutoBackup\" by regedit.exe for clean up if you are upgrading.
2) Bug fix for current working folder setting lost while adding new working folder.
      V1.79   2003-07-04
Restart the interval timer after manually "backup now".
      V1.78   2003-07-03
Enhanced "Exclude" rule, now can exclude directory, but need small modification: for instance, ~*.* should be changed to *\~*.* and so on.
      V1.77   2003-05-28
Second instance of this program will activate the window of the first instance rather than does nothing.
      V1.76   2003-05-27
System tray icon will change to red while doing backup; Show the form closer to the system tray.
      V1.75   2003-05-09
中英文界面自动识别终于做好了。In Simplified Chinese language OS, the interface will become Chinese automatically, others still English.
      V1.74   2003-05-06
If there's no file in the working folder, no matter due to it's real empty or remote drive connection problem, don't clear extra backup files.
      V1.73   2003-05-01
Excluded files but already in the backup folder will also be checked for last modification date before deleting.
      V1.72   2003-04-07
Bug fix for endless backup activity in some systems while Windows shut down.
      V1.71   2003-04-04
Clear excluded files if already exist in backup folders unconditionally.
      V1.70   2003-03-24
Pause the timer while one backup is in progress. Otherwise if it is
longer than one minute (checking interval), other backup jobs will be
      V1.69   2003-03-19
Statusbar text now is saved for each "working folder".
      V1.68   2003-03-14
Totally rewritten and migrated to wxWidgets GUI library in C++:
1) A statusbar with progress gauge added;
2) Dramatically speed improvement by the power of C++. Extra backup
file checking is not necessarily limited to once per day any
more. It will be done just after every backup operation now.
3) Less run time RAM consumption.
4) Resizable form.

      V1.67   2002-12-16
Bug fix due to RQ logical NOT operator problem.
      V1.66   2002-11-16
Unhide the main window while being exited by Windows shutting down.
      V1.65   2002-10-30
Add root source path validation before extra backup deleting,
otherwise, all backuped files will be deleted if the whole source
drive is unavailable.
      V1.64   2002-10-10
Bug fix: If more than one working folders need backup, only the
first one will be checked for obsolete files in corresponding backup
      V1.63   2002-9-18
Fixed "no response" problem while closing Windows if "hiding" in
      V1.62   2002-7-17
Enabled read-only files in backup folder can also be deleted.
      V1.61   2002-6-4
Add a confirmation dialogue while deleting settings.
      V1.60   2002-6-3
Bug fix for Add new source folder button.
      V1.59   2002-5-16
Limited the checking frequency of deleted files to once per day, to
avoid unnecessarily file access for large and deep folders.
      V1.58   2002-5-14
Bug fix for large folders and small backup interval settings.
      V1.57   2002-5-8
Fixed layout problem in windows "small font" setting.
      V1.56   2002-5-1
Reject to add existing "Working"(source) folder now enabled. This
problem is caused by Rapid-Q For...Next statement bug.
      V1.55   2002-4-30
Enabled showing the form first, before executing "when start" backup,
and user can stop the progress also.
      V1.54   2002-4-29
1) Corrected file time comparison due to Rapid-Q DWORD is same with
LONG in Windows version.
2) Hide "Add" and "Delete" button if no working folder configured at
3) Added "check deleted files" in all backup activities but can be
stopped by "Stop!" button.
4) Remove empty backup folders only if the source folder is deleted.
1) Backup progress monitoring mechanism changed from form caption to
a label and form hint for error report.
2) Removed "Save" button, it's no need now, every change will be
saved automatically.
Code added for Windows system tray icon tip text update to follow
main form caption update while doing backup.
Moved the "clear deleted files" process from while-exit to while
-timer triggered, to avoid long waiting for big folders when
closing the program.
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